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Project eligible for starting the incubation process must have following characteristics:

1. A project is from the field of technology and intends to establish some form of legal entity (company, craft, office, association etc.). Activities in the field of new technologies such as ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology etc. are a priority.

2. Project in consideration can be in one of the following forms:

  • A person with entrepreneurial idea,
  • Start-up company (company in arising – up to 1 year old) – it is necessary to have a business plan,
  • Existing company (up to 4 employees) in phase of growth or changing of the activities in relation with technologies described above,
  • Company that is launching a new project and is applying only one segment for incubation – there has to be a detailed financial plan, market potential and future business volume,
  • New Spin-off company or subsidiary placed outside of Varaždin whose activities fit the standards mentioned above.

3. New product or new service that is intended to be developed or improved must have the potential for commercialization in 2 years.

4. Candidate usually has to have business plan concept (basic point), and elaborate conceptual financial construction for intended activities. Business idea has to be elaborated in measure to look promising. Companies that want the incubation of only one segment must have business intentions elaborated in detail (as mentioned in point 2).

5. Candidate has to show the ability for project management, or have an employee that has that ability.

6. Candidate has to create new jobs and show the ability for paying of monthly costs before earning profit from the market.

7. Candidates have to be prepared for coexistence in incubation space, and for promoting of the project of other tenants and promoting of Technology Park Varaždin Ltd.