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Technology park Varaždin is a project that was started in 2003. Initiators of the project were County of  Varaždin, City of Varaždin, Croatian chamber of economy, University of Applied Sciences and Secondary school of electrotechnics and mechanics in Varaždin. The project was thought out as a unity of all participants, initiators and project carriers. Since no one was prepared to invest specific funds into this project, a team that was willing to work on a volunteer basis was gathered. The team consisted of 7 people. Two stages of the project were agreed on: 1.Foundation of Impulse center and 2. Constitution of Technology park Varaždin.

From the very beginning project manager was Andrija Petrović and he is still a managing director of Technology park Varaždin Ltd. First phase of the project was the foundation of Impulse center by Secondary school of electrotechnics and mechanics in Varaždin. An elaborate for establishment and a feasibility study were made and activities for preparation of incubation process were started. Secondary school of electrotechnics and mechanics offered a building with 750 m2 of available business space. Ministry of economy co financed the project on yearly basis. Five start-up companies were incubated in this phase. Their activities were in the fields of electrotechnics, automatics, informatics and industrial design. The lab services, presentation equipment and conference room were free for all tenants.

Second phase of the project, the establishment of Technology park Varaždin, was arranged by University of Applied Sciences. The City of Varaždin, that is the founder and owner of University of Varaždin assigned Technology park Varaždin the building with 1300 m2 of available business space.

At the beginning of 2007. there were 35 companies in the incubation process, mostly from the ICT sector. There were several companies from other different sectors whose incubation was possible because of the availability of business space.

In the year 2007. The City of Varaždin decided to transform the project into a Ltd. The owners of the newly established company are The City of Varaždin, Faculty of organization and informatics and University of Applies Sciences in Varaždin. The cofinancing of the project is provided by the government agency BICRO (Business Innovation Center of Croatia) since 27.11.2007. The cofinancing refers to building reconstruction (3300 m2) and operating expences.