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"Writing for Social Customer Service" - workshop, 29.04.2014., 16:00, TechPark 18.04.2014. 08:24:59

Libris communications, Voogle and TechPark invite you to “Writing for Social Customer Service” training session which will be held at TechPark Varaždin, Zagrebačka 89, Varaždin (multimedia hall, S2-4).  

The "Writing for Social Customer Service" training session helps you become a stronger digital communicator, provides take-away advice and structure on how to handle complaints online and how to write more effective email that your clients will love.


In this practical 3-hour training workshop, you will learn how to write effective social media responses and email that clearly answers the customer’s questions. You’ll learn how to clearly structure your email in response to complaints. You’ll learn the importance of tone and absorb quick techniques for personalizing email to strengthen customer loyalty.

Equally, your digital English skills will make you and your company look and sound good online. Throughout the training you’ll receive feedback from Peter to reinforce your digital writing skills and a constant opportunity to share your opinions and thoughts.

Who is the training for?

This workshop gives practical, take-away advice to companies and professionals who communicate via social media and use English digital communication (equally many ideas can be transferred to communication in Croatian). Small or large companies who use customer service interaction with customers, partners, colleagues, or foreign clients aiming to build new networks and reinforce their brand reputation. The training you will receive will help you become a more effective digital communicator and deliver great customer service.

*Companies and institutions based at VŽ TechPark receive a 25% discount

What you will learn:

• What exactly our customers need

• The traits of excellent digital customer service

• The types effective social customer service responses and posts (twitter/facebook)

• The importance of subject lines, structure and tone
• How to quickly compose responsive customer service email
• How to write email that solves the customer’s problem
• How to write with a polite and positive tone and how to personalize email to make customers feel valued
• How to clearly structure email in response to complaints (your fault/not your fault)

What you will do:

• Read various Social Customer Service samples (email, twitter, facebook) to develop a list of factors that contribute to well-written communication.
• Discuss the use headings to organize a complicated response
• Review principles of concise writing and basic punctuation rules
• Review the impact of common email phrases, be introduced to alternatives and challenge existing standards.


16.00 – 17.15 Traditional Customer Service v Social Customer Service   

17.15 – 17.30 break

17.30 – 18.15 The anatomy of strong email writing making you look and sound good online 

18-15 – 19.00 Dealing effectively with complaints via email  


Trainer: Peter Hopwood

Training language: English

Date: 29.4.2014

Venue: TechPark Varaždin, Zagrebačka 89, Varaždin (multimedia hall, S2-4)

Training length: 16.00 – 19.00  

Number of candidates: Max 30 places

Fee: 160.00kn (VŽ TechPark tennants receive 25% discount) 

Application form:

About your trainer:


Peter Hopwood (UK), owner of Libris communications, is a digital copywriter, customer skills trainer and presenter with considerable customer service, sales and marketing experience spanning across 6 countries where he has lived and worked during his career. With a passion for customer service training, he shares his writing skills, words of persuasion embracing the customer experience in the digital age. Peter is also a training consultant with British Council Croatia and British Embassy Zagreb. 



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